Our Services

The services we offer include

  • Concept Design

    which entails the analysis of the owner’s program, site and budget; preliminary design studies and a preliminary estimate of the project costs.

  • Design Development

    where further development of the concept design defines basic systems and materials, dimensions and architectural character.

  • Construction Documents

    detail the project for the builder; engineer and other professionals involved in the project as well as enable one to obtain their various construction bids and building permits.

  • Artistic Presentation

    Presentation in CAD and 3D Studio Max format. This enables the client to visualize and understand the project through a 3D computer generated model and photo realistic images.

  • Project Management

    during or after completion of the construction documents assistance is given to the client in selecting the contractor best suited for the job, with regards to both design and budget. Cost management is of great importance and projects must be built within their respective budgets.

  • Construction Administration

    involves representing or assisting the client in administering the construction, contract, making design changes, site supervision, reviewing contractor’s work, requests for payment and mediating any problems which may arise between client and contractor.